From your iPhone
to your Mailbox

How to order awesome analog prints from the HipstaMart to your home.
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Step One: Organize your favorite Prints into a Stack

After shooting some dope photos with your Hipstamatic, simply add them into a new Stack. From Recent Prints, either tap Stacks to slide to the Stacks view, or tap a print then tap the ‘Add to Stack’ button.


Step Two: Open up the Print Lab and select a print size and quantities

From ‘Stacks’, tap the Print Lab package icon and select your print size. Then drag sliders to select the quantities you would like (keep in mind that there are two different print pack quantities for each size).


Step Three: Create your Hipstaccount and place your order

Next you’ll be guided through creating a Hipstaccount (if you haven’t already) and adding in payment and shipping details. Make sure to confirm all the specifics about your order (such as shipping address) before you place it. Your prints will automatically be uploaded and your order is on its way!