Absinthe & Dirty Floors :: Wicker Park

Due on 10/20/11

THEME :: nights out

From October 8, 2011 until October 20, 2011

Absinthe & The Dirty floors are a Chicago based band that have been playing gigs for years across the city including Wicker Park. Their retro guitar and gritty synth sound is rooted in vintage electrorock and even incorporates the soft hum of the Chicago El in their song "Black Ice". They are what makes Wicker Park the artistic, and creative playground it is today.

Challenge: In honor of the essence of Wicker Park, use the Lucas AB2 Lens, and or/the Jolly Rainbow 2X Flash to show us your dimly lit, independent social scene. Listen to Absinthe & The Dirty Floors “Black Ice” to get into the vibe and submit for a chance to win a free 30" print of your image!

The winning print must use one or both of the new Wicker Park HipstaPak elements.

Listen to Black Ice
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Absinthe & Dirty Floors :: Wicker Park Live Stream

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