Live with Hipstamatics

Due on 01/13/11

THEME :: Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

From January 13, 2011 until January 13, 2011

This is not a contest:: This is an awesome opportunity to be projected LIVE at the Orange Dot Gallery In London at 'An Exhibition for Hipstamatics'!

From the hundreds of pictures on the hipstamatics.com blog, the Orange Dot Gallery will showcase 157 prints – the same number as the amount of original analog cameras produced. A homage to both the history and future of Hipstamatics. The exhibition will showcase some of the best works featured on the site to date, from both the submitted snaps and their own specially sourced and exclusive work.

A movement has started, opening up an opportunity for people around the globe to produce some outstanding lo fi photography all from their mobile phone. It’s a revolution that looks set to only continue to grow.

Live with Hipstamatics Live Stream

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