Due on 06/05/10

Solstice Full Details

<strong>Grand Opening Exhibition in The Gallery @ Dijitalfix | CULTUREfix</strong><br /> 9 Clinton Street (between Stanton &amp; Houston on the Lower East Side) NY, NY 10002</p> <p>The gallery opening falls just before the Summer Solstice and we want to see what the summer solstice means to you through the eyes of your Hipstamatic. The gallery opening is coinciding with the opening of Dijitalfix&#8217;s 2nd location, the announcement of Hipstamatic&#8217;s printing service, and the first gallery show in The Gallery @ CULTUREfix. We&#8217;re all really excited about the first physical show featuring user-submitted Hipstamatic prints, and we&#8217;re all excited to see your work!</p> <p><strong>About the gallery space:</strong><br /> The Gallery, located in the trendy <span class="caps">LES</span>, is a collaborative effort from two businesses, Dijitalfix and CULTUREfix, a specialized electronics retail store and wine/tapas bar, respectively.</p> <p>Dijitalfix is a design-oriented electronics boutique founded in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in 2006. They carry the cream of domestic and international design with a focus on electronics, fashion, art and photography, bringing new genres of products to the public from groundbreaking designers and companies with highly unique concepts.</p> <p>CULTUREfix is a new space focused on bringing contemporary art, artists and the general public together to meet, collaborate, and enjoy good wine and tapas-style food in a relaxed environment at a great price and without the bureaucracy of the art world by bringing artists and the public together.</p> <p><strong>Curated by Savannah Spirit</strong><br /> Savannah holds a <span class="caps">BFA</span> in photography from Parsons. She created The Veaux Gallery, a temporary artists space in Chelsea in 2009 based off of her Veaux.org online portfolio website, and is the curator at The Gallery @ CULTUREfix.</p> <p><strong>The Judges for the Best of Show Award</strong><br /> Alexandra Niki, editor-in-chief of Resource Magazine, a quarterly publication dedicated to the subculture of the photo production industry.</p> <p>David Bias, VP of Impossible America and one of the people responsible for bringing back polaroid film into production.</p> <p>Jamie Chung, still life photographer based in <span class="caps">NYC</span></p> <p>Michael Mabes, medium-format portrait and travel photographer based in <span class="caps">NYC</span> and photographing around the world</p> <p><strong>Traveling Show</strong><br /> Each month the best Hipstamatic prints will join a traveling exhibition which will start its journey each month from CULTUREfix in <span class="caps">NYC</span> to spots around the globe.</p> <p><strong>Top 100</strong><br /> To celebrate the opening of The Gallery and Dijitalfix&#8217;s 2nd store, we will be exhibiting the top 100 Hipstamatic prints as determined by the community. The top print from these 100 will be chosen by the 3 judges listed above, and the winner will receive the Best of Show Prize, furnished by Dijitalfix, as well as a limited edition printed book of the show pieces .</p> <p><strong>Best of Show Prize</strong><br /> 1 Diana F+ Camera Kit of your choosing from Dijitalfix&#8217;s stock<br /> 1 Sunprint Solar Kit and 1 Refill Pack<br /> 1 <span class="caps">AIAIAI</span> iPhone Case and Pair of Headphones (color choice is yours)</p> <p>courtesy of http://dijitalfix.com